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Each time we access GREENMARK 101 (“G-101”) algorithm and its subjective probability, game theory models, trepidation occupies our thoughts. Simple inquiries present answers difficult to comprehend as factual expositions. But upon fact-checking and cross-referencing the data, the conclusions are accurately confirmed as simple truths. Many times, the astonishing answers are beyond the originally thinking of asking the initial question.

Originally, G-101 was developed to be a primary tracker of hemp-related events and in the process created a comprehensive data, recognized as one of the best of its class in the industry. Since coronavirus pandemic, G-101 has shifted emphasis to the economic aspects by designing technical and fundamental analytical systems to accurately predict future events.

A key component is to ask questions and allow various data fields to oblige each other to model conclusions from diverse perspectives. By directing questions on a personal level, G-101 discovers a person's individual way of thinking and their mental blocks, and in applying specific mindsets to help achieve different goals and perspectives.

The model is simple: Asking the right questions gives G-101 the answers it needs to ask the next question. Thus, acquiring knowledge characterizes; (1) eliminate confusion, (2) guide the inquiry in the direction to enhance the response, (3) discover answers from the question from the various data fields, (4) gain empathy through a better understanding of other views, (5) influence/alter someone data conclusions, (6) strengthen knowledge on a specific topic, (7) stimulate creativity and idea generation, (8) solve problems from the data’s response, and (9) establish clarity in the original question to enhance follow up questions.  

The desire to ask simple questions allows G-101 to create a series of fully defined and structured answers.

The simple inquiry to –  “What happened to the $5.5 trillion cash infusion made in March 2020 by the federal government in response to the coronavirus pandemic?

- proves the intrinsic value of “best guess” algorithms to link questions with bonified answers.

Answer No 1:

$5.5 trillion -- $5 trillion allocated by the Federal Reserve as a lending facility was disbursed without reference of its use, or the recipients receiving such funds. As for the $500 billion balance, no declaration was made to identify the businesses.

Based on her incomplete answers to Question No. 1, a series of inquiries were presented to G-101, which declared, in part: “The Federal Reserve is not required to be transparent or accountable in handing these funds, except to allow the administration to distribute such funds at its option. Relating to the $500 billion, President Trump signed the relief bill and designated the special inspector general designated in the legislation could not report to Congress without his approval. Trump subsequently removed the person assigned to the job and declared that he would personally provide all the oversight needed." 

Conclusion: The economic crisis will continue until we control the spread of the virus – either through testing and public health measures or through medical treatment and vaccines. Until them, we will need to keep spending trillions to fight the economic devastation. Trump may best remember that the money will continue only if he maintains public support. Fully transparency and accountability mean effective oversight and the right of Congress to know who get the “free money” and under what conditions.

On April 27, we published GREENMARK 101 FLASHED THIRD BUY SIGNAL … and claimed; “the secret sauce that propelled stocks higher was the Federal Reserve decision of March 23, 2020, to pump trillions of dollars into the domestic economy. Whether the effort helped the common citizen is an argument for a later time. What is clear $12 trillion surely supercharged the stock market.”

While the federal government is giving away trillions of dollars to make whole the two-percenters and their friends, the general public is staying alive with tokens and promises. Congress must investigate who got $5.5 trillion and to demand its return.

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