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New medical marijuana dispensary in Hoboken, New Jersey.

With New Jersey residents ready to vote on marijuana legalization later this year, a new medical cannabis dispensary was granted a license at 95 Hudson Street. Months of discussions ensued about the local regulation of cannabis before the city eventually approved an ordinance in June clarifying its rules on medicinal pot. Under the regulations, a Medical Cannabis Review Board has been established and a 2% medical marijuana city tax will be implemented. Hoboken’s ordinance allows a total of three dispensaries throughout the city and the planning board will need to review and approve any marijuana-related applications that emerge.

The first cannabis approvals were granted by the planning board during their July 14 meeting for an empty building at 95 Hudson Street. The retail dispensary area will occupy the middle of the building, while the rear of the property will sport a “lounge” dedicated to on-site consumption. To combat odors that could emanate from the lounge, the dispensary will install ventilation with carbon filters throughout the property.

A renewed push to open medical cannabis dispensaries in Hoboken comes a few months before voters in the Garden State are slated to weigh in on a public question regarding the legalization of marijuana. Recent polls suggest the November ballot initiative has a good chance of passing, with a July survey from DKC Analytics finding 68% of those polled in support of legalization.

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