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That’s right if you consider what has taken place with the human population. On November 12, 2022, the world’s population reached eight million people. Twelve years from now the world’s population will reach nine million people and by 2044 10 million people. Based on our proprietary algorithm G-101, the Earth would have achieved its maximum capacity when you consider the planet’s available resources. What does that mean? The Earth is overpopulated since the available resources are finite. G-101 estimated that the remaining land could support ten billion humans based on 3.4 billion acres of land producing 2.4 tons of grains annually, which includes secondary and tertiary applications to produce protein from all forms of livestock and fishing. Our algorithm included the use of hydroponics – the means to bypass soil, sub in a different material to support the roots of the plant and grow crops directly in nutrient-rich water. In fact, hydroponic systems will be the core element and act as a buffer to allow for the Earth’s human population to be viable until 2075, notwithstanding other climate change dynamics. How did we get here? It took all of human history to reach one billion people in the early 19th century, and about 123 years later to reach two billion people, and 33 years later to reach three billion people in 1960. Now at eight billion people and with climate change compromising the Earth’s resources nothing will work unless the Earth’s population can be reduced to five billion people within two hundred years from this date. The only way to reduce the surface population would be with birth control, also known as contraception, is the use of medicines, devices, or surgery to prevent pregnancy. There are many diverse types. Some are reversible, while others are permanent. Would effective birth control work? Birth control is a hot topic with religious, political, and economic factors to decide on a solution. If a united plan is not developed and implemented, the Earth will self-destruct as it relates to the human race to make birth control a nonstarter. More on this subject at a later date. Conclusion: The Earth cannot support more than ten billion humans unless a concerted birth control program is universally implemented.

On the other hand, the idea of reducing carbon omissions is equivalent to controlling fleas on an elephant, and totally misplaced to save humanity. As for the Earth, it will remain and continue to be a viable organ long after the human race made its exit.

Why should we have faith in the G-101 prediction? Because the G-101 algorithm is the most successful “best guess” tool ever invented to date. Computer algorithms work based on input and output. They take the input and apply each step of the algorithm to that information to generate an output. For example, a search engine is an algorithm that takes a search query as an input and searches its database for items relevant to the words in the query. Common examples include: the support of analytics to determine investment values, the means we use to solve a long division problem, the functionality of a search engine, and even the process of doing laundry are all examples of an algorithm. Indeed, the evolution of life is a full display of algorithms directing the actions of cells that make up our bodies. This means that below the level of consciousness there are trillions of algorithmic processes constantly occurring within our bodies. There are six steps to creating an algorithm: (1) Determine the goal of a set of defined rules (2) Access historic and current data. (3) Choose the right models. (4) Fine-tuning. (5) Visualize your results. (6) Running your algorithm continuously. In this framework, there are four types: (i) Brute Force algorithm. (ii) Greedy algorithm. (ii) Recursive algorithm and (iv) Subjective Probability algorithm. The Subjective Probability algorithm (“SPA”) is what G-101 is based on. The term and definition behind SPA were conceived by an affiliate of Northridge Corporation more than 25 years ago and a leading pioneer in the field. Our version of SPA G-101 under the SPA format is the closest approximation to consciousness. However, no computer or artificial intelligence will ever become conscious. But a form of consciousness under a “best guess” scenario can be created by the execution of software with an exclusive data pool or rhythms of quantifiable statistics to answer a specifically defined question. How G-101 works: Through accommodation, G-101 may generate information that is initially conceived as unreliable, false, unorthodox, or misplaced (identified as “novel data”) only to be unified by cognitive dissonance to mitigate the conflicting data by either updating G-101's interpretation of the model to disqualify the variable or assimilation as factual. Thus, the new model within the G-101 matrix perceives the added information as useable or as a discarded sequence for further interpretation. When the model is updated, the novel information is no longer an anomaly but a new chain of data. By expanding the data fields, G-101 establishes a new category that can redirect the program to change its mind, keeping what is known as facts but updating the interpretation. Thus, settled viewpoints and new values create classified estimations that rate the new data with a confidence factor whether it is trustworthy or falsity. Within the subjective probabilities, matrices are sets of “attitudes” which are combined to generate a neoteric equivalent of thinking. Therefore, the underlying factor of the accumulative data generates a perception, which when applied with the support statistics creates a conclusion, which was not available in the initial analysis. It’s like saying, “the G-101 algorithm can change its mind.” Indeed, calculated facts and persuasion become entangled with the corrupted data. Therefore, typical Recursive Subjective Probability algorithms used for evaluating investment values are only reliable 47% of the time. You would be better served by flipping a coin than applying an expensive algorithm to answer investment-based inquiries. This fact further illustrates that Wall Street is a high-class betting parlor since perception is more important than fact. Ask for “SAVE THE EARTH REPORT: G-101-SER”. It’s absolutely free if you want the next two human generations to thank their forebears.

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