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from the noise broadcasted by anti-marijuana New Jersey Republicans that a vote against legalization would reduce property taxes. The opposite is true: Notwithstanding the pandemic, look for a 6% increase in New Jersey property taxes next year, and a projected 11% increase in 2022.

With November 3, 2020, around the corner, the campaigns for and against are heating up. The voters will decide the issue if they can understand the ballot question and the means of voting is resolved. Mail-in ballots and other means will be carefully examined to disqualify positive votes for any errors.

Ask for Stop Disqualification Vote Summary Bulletin A-1 to ensure your vote counts.

The truth about marijuana.

Marijuana was used over a hundred years ago as a deportation tool to remove Mexican workers “from stealing jobs from white Americans.” If the white establishment of the early 20th century left the lowly Mexican alone, today marijuana would be a major legal cash crop generating more income than the money spent by the United States in every war fought to date and with $125 billion in leftovers. Meanwhile, the illegal marijuana industry in the United States is estimated at $14 trillion with almost no enforcement at a federal and state level. In fact, less money is spent on marijuana prosecution than parking ticket enforcement.

Moreover, the Republican mandate – anything black, brown, or yellow concerning marijuana shall be against law and order. The theme is reminiscent and follows Republican stupidity of Prohibition to disallow alcoholic beverages “because the good people wanted that way.” Federal and state governments reaped trillions of dollars in benefits while saving billions of dollars in law enforcement.

Today, the margin for marijuana approval is above 70%, making a positive vote probably even if some voters cannot effectively execute the ballot question. Prevent the loss of voters’ rights by disqualified of a technicality.

Gregg Edwards’ hidden agenda.

Gregg Edwards, a Republican, is leading the anti-marijuana ballot question. Edwards, the former Gov. Christies clone who pushed against legalizing anything marijuana, will be hard at work attempting to “win” at all costs. He wants taxpayers to believe that unfairness can’t be helped, and nothing but thoughts and prayers should be offered to the losers.

Edwards is executive director of Don’t Let NJ Go to Pot. This troupe replaced New Jersey Responsible Approaches to Marijuana Policy, which was successful in lobbying the defeat of the original bill to legalize marijuana by preventing a vote in the Legislature. Even though the voting public was in favor of legalization, the troupe prevailed by the noise of misinformation and “honest” intimidation. The result was reminiscent of how Trump lost the popular votes by over five million but had a sufficient majority in the Electoral College to become U.S. president.

Why compromise New Jersey’s opportunity to reduce property taxes?

Today, taxpayers are suffering from unconscionable fees with no relief in sight. All the negativity of marijuana being law enforcement issues, or degrading society by its use have not come true. Statistic from other states proved that marijuana use has not experienced the “doom and dread” scenario preached by the Gregg Edwards types.

Gregg Edwards will never mention other states that embraced marijuana sales because his words are merely rehashing stereotype propaganda. Colorado, for example, a state that adopted marijuana possesses, has a similar economic profile and social base as New Jersey. Since the state legalized marijuana in 2014, Colorado generated over $1 billion in total revenue and more than $6 billion in sales. Secondary and tertiary businesses and related activities produced an additional $400 million in revenue.

Are New Jersey taxpayers good enough to be treated fairly and reap the benefits offered to Colorado taxpayers?

Gregg Edwards action is a form of insanity, and suggestive of what Albert Einstein preached: Insanity Is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Remember to vote on November 3rd and make marijuana a responsible citizen for the benefits of all citizens living in New Jersey.

Ask for Stop Disqualification Vote Summary Bulletin A-1 to ensure your vote counts.

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