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That’s right based on the finding of our proprietary G-101 series GMP 15 algorithm. The GMP – Global Markets Predictor predicts an 87.6% likelihood that Vladimir Putin will be taken down by Russia’s nationalist right who originally offered the idea that it is Russia’s manifest destiny to conquer and absorb Ukraine. Now the group has formed a coalition to remove Putin from the top job on a “medical excuse” and blame him for “acting outside the consent of the Russian people.” In this form the coup would not be violent and “suggests that the regime’s survival would require his resignation.” As quoted by Aratol Lieven in Der Frietag. To accomplish this “quiet coup” Sergei Shoigu, the defense minister, will be thrown under the bus, arrested with a mock trial to “convince the populace as all is well in Mother Russia.”

Under the proposed decoupling treaty, Ukraine will regain full territorial integrity as declared by the Partnership for Peace with NATO in 1994 and for Russia to rescind its 2014 Revolution of Dignity and return all territory seized under its mandate, except the Crimean Peninsula, which was annexed by Russia. As for the Crimean Peninsula a voters' referendum with be initiated within 240 days under the supervision of the United Nations to insure fair and equitable elections to determine the status of its sovereignty, whether Russia or Ukraine. Additionally, a new Russo-Ukrainian treaty will be binding by all parties, including territorial integrity for a period of 100-years.

What’s G-101 series GMP 15?

This algorithm is a subset of the master AI program has a “best guess” success rate of 90% on all ten subjective probability predictions made on January 5, 2022, to the present.

Ask for “PUTIN COUP": G-101-GMP15”. It’s absolutely free.

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