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No chirpin'. Even for us blue birds! Not a Christmas perch to be found.

If you want a Christmas Tree, buy it now. Those who sell them advise prospective buyers not to think about it too long. “If you love Christmas trees, then the key is to come early so that you can get first dibs,” peeped Blue Bird of Broken Branch Christmas Tree Company. “Especially people who like to get big trees… the biggest shortage is on the trees that are 8 to 9 feet and above.”

Those who are in the habit of buying their trees early to beat the rush should be in good shape. “Originally, the grower said, ‘sounds good, Blue Bird ... we’ll get you your entire order… and then, as we get closer to November, they all of a sudden start saying, ‘look, we just don’t have enough trees to fill everybody’s order’,” squawked Blue Bird.

Blue Bird says out-of-state growers are being tempted by faster-growing, more profitable crops like hemp, which is used to make CBD oil. “Because, if you’re a farmer, why not grow carrots, or hemp or hazelnuts, which are much easier, quicker turnaround and it’s not as big as an investment.” Blue Bird takes pride in the hand-picked quality of his trees, but retail reality is that the best of the lot will go first. “No doubt we will sell out,” he said. “One of the biggest wholesalers, guy named Coldcap Longfoot, said his order was cut by almost 30% this year.”

The calendar this year may also be encouraging people to start early with tree-buying and decorating.

When you buy one of my smart trees, remember Blue Bird. Our young trees become the best and prettiest Christmas trees 'cause they first go to elementree school.

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