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... from the Chairman of the Board


James Henry, Chairman of the Board, Northridge Corporation.

All my life, one way or the other, production agriculture has been my primary vocation to date. Recently hemp has become a primary opportunity. This is due to its legalization as supported by the 2018 USDA farm bill.

Industrial hemp is possibly the most important plant on earth. Its fatty acid and amino acid profiles are identically aligned with human DNA. So, as a food source, it offers protein, omegas and dietary fiber in perfect proportions to our nutritional needs. Equally important is the agronomic advantages of industrial hemp, which incidentally, our targeted market. The climate zones and soil types of North America, especially Pennsylvania, provide excellent growing conditions for industrial hemp. It is an environmentally friendly crop with beneficial returns to the soil and atmosphere.

Today, hemp is being grown, processed and distributed. Farmers are jumping in with their eyes closed, only to discover it is a "learning curve," which means -- farmers lost money.

Meanwhile, Northridge and its advocates are doing things slow and carefully; conserved capital, not placing in cultivate thousands of acres, nor building large, elaborate facilities, but committing quality resources to data gathering, specifically addressing mistakes, miscalculations, and circumstances of why the hemp industry is suffering material losses. With our analytics, we uncovered a disturbing trend: Investment bankers, money procurers, and the other kind convinced hundreds of thousands of individuals and institutions to invest billions of dollars in the emerging hemp and related industries. Public records of companies trading on stock exchanges and elsewhere confirmed significant losses. In the last three years, not one public company posted a profit from operations, and on average, have declined 71% in value. Not a good track record for the evolving billion-dollar hemp industry.

From our research, the unindustrialized hemp industry does not have sufficient infrastructure to be a viable commodity.

When we asked the question: “If you grow hemp, who’s going to buy it?”

The “expert” answers were so varied, the conclusion we reached – They don’t know!

At Northridge Corporation, we don’t have all the answers, but smart enough to seek the truth -- in accordance with facts or realities. Not by trial and error, but by analyzing the mistakes made by others, and thoroughly examining the successes.

Our method beats spending millions of dollars of someone else’s money and creating bloated market capitalizations based on mistakes. That’s why most public companies in the hemp sector are overcapitalized with more shares outstanding than are reasonable and may never generate meaningful earnings per share or return a profit to its shareholders.

We are part of this vigilance, education and research first, hands-on cultivation and execution later.

Hemp is not a commodity like corn, soybeans, tomatoes or peas, etc. You cannot grow and eat hemp off the plant. Hemp must be processed, extracted for oil, or stripped for fiber or the nut treated. Yes, hemp is a nut, but not a seed.

The long and short of it, hemp requires a processor, the factor that controls the success or failure of the crop’s value. Indeed, the farmer is at the mercy of the processor. Not a fair situation.

Northridge Corporation desires to change all that!

Northridge is developing programs to educate the farmer; to attract state and local officials to our causes. On the business level, the only means to accomplish this is to consolidate all our research, ideas and exclusive applications and use 2020 to (1) Test and prefect procedures and methods that proved successful by other growers. We plan to place only 150 acres into production to evaluate six different growth platforms, two of which are proprietary. (2) Construct a prototype extraction facility at the site of the testbeds to produce zero THC CBD isotopes. We intend to produce a medicinal-grade product as raw material for the pharmaceutical industry and like organization. Even with our slow and straightforward approach, Northridge Corporations is expected to earn a profit from operations in calendar 2020.

So, you have it – Northridge Corporation in a nutshell.

James Henry, Chairman of the Board


ps: Let me hear from you, your ideas are important to us. The more input the better. Thanks.

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