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VIEW FROM TENNESSEE... hopefully hemp farmers.

RANKLIN, Tenn. — Farmers hoping to sell their recently harvested hemp crop met for the first International Hemp Auction and Market in Williamson County.

As farmers harvested their crop this fall, they found there was an overabundance on the market. This caused for the prices to decrease for the crop and for processors to quickly reach capacity in the state.

"It's been a great market for hemp. This year so many people got into that it drove the market down quite a bit. So, farmers are having a hard time selling and selling for a good price," said Mark Case, CEO and founder of the hemp auction. Case said he believes the market will eventually level out, but that he believe the idea of a hemp auction could be a good alternative way for farmers to sell.

Based on our newly devised Northridge 110 algorithm, we have determined on a national basis that hemp as a crop grown for fiber harvested and sold as raw stalks on a dry-weight basis is projected to generate $65 per metric ton, a 19% decrease from this year's average. 1/

Review the Industrial Hemp in the United States - USDA

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Mark Case added. "We have the opportunity if we can have buyers in one place and buyers compete against each other to actually offer a fair transparent market price. So, that's the objective," he said. There were several hundred farmers with product at the auction, Tuesday, when the auction started. Some 160,000 pounds of hemp biomass, hemp used for CBD oil extraction, was available for purchase.

"It's just the unknown," said Connie Jolley of Roberts Family Farms. "We've heard a lot of good news. We're hoping for the best. We're hoping there's a lot of buyers from out of state and just waiting to see the different prices on the different products sold here today."

Buyers converged on the auction floor and looked through large sacks of hemp for a product to their liking. Bids started slow Tuesday morning. "We're not getting a whole lot of sales at this point, but this is just day one and the few first hours of the event," said Frederick Cawthon, president of Tennessee Hemp Industry Association. Cawthon added he believed the buying would pick up.

The event is also happening on Wednesday and Thursday, when CBD oil and smokable hemp will be auctioned.

1/ One acre of hemp can yield an average of 700 pounds of grain, which in turn can be pressed into about 22 gallons of oil and 530 pounds of meal. The same acre will also produce an average of 5,300 pounds of straw, which can be transformed into approximately 1,300 pounds of fiber.

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