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Kentucky Cannabis Company, a home growth enterprise, partnered with local cultivators to produce small-batch extracts with unique terpene profiles. a CBD extract made from the blooms of Kentucky-grown hemp. The "blend" is similar with the R&D conducted by First Jersey Cannabis Corporation, an affiliate, and found to an excellent and reliable extract, especially in the Northeast and Northcenter corridors.

“We wanted to … help the smaller Kentucky farmers find use for their products,” Adriane Polyniak, said owner of Kentucky Cannabis Company. “We have a lot of farmers who are producing high-quality hemp varieties here in the state and doing a great job, so we purchase hemp on the open market in the hopes of helping build them up and support the local market.”

Kentucky Cannabis Company partners with farmers who cultivate hemp varieties with a high concentration of CBD. The company vets potential partners by learning about their cultivation processes and testing their plant materials, Polyniak said. “From there, we do a bloom-only extraction,” she said. “We feel strongly about only extracting from the bloom of the plant, where the majority of the cannabinoids and terpenes are found, and we use a hydrocarbon distillation process. It’s really gentle on the plant so it produces a product that truly resembles the plant from which it came. You get the terpenes, you get the flavor, you get everything that’s going to be in that plant material in the product, essentially.”

Named after its small-batch production, Batch joins Bluegrass Hemp Oil’s Genesis Blend line of extracts. In addition to third-party lab testing, Kentucky Cannabis Company performs in-house testing on all products throughout the production process to verify potency and purity.

“It’s literally just cannabinoids, terpenes and an MCT oil,” Polyniak said. “We feel like the most natural way is the best way to go, and offering it in the way it was intended, which is in its full-spectrum form.”

While Genesis Blend products are sold only at pharmacies, Batch will be available through grocery stores, health food stores, holistic nutrition coaches and yoga studios that want to offer CBD products, Polyniak said. There is a space on the company’s website where those interested in selling Batch can reach out and receive information about partnering with Kentucky Cannabis Company. Each run of Batch has a unique terpene profile and flavor. The first round of Batch products released consisted of 2,000 bottles, which is a very small run, Polyniak said.

“In this style product, we want to focus on the farm, … highlighting the differences in the terpene profiles and so forth,” she said. “It’s going to be really focused on trying to differentiate ourselves [by] providing the flavor [and] highlighting the farm, and each batch is going to change a little bit in its flavor profile. You’re guaranteed to get the cannabinoid content per milliliter that’s labeled on the bottle and so forth, but that terpene profile is going to vary from batch to batch because … not every farmer here in Kentucky is growing the same cultivars.”

Kentucky Cannabis Company is one of the original six hemp growers that were granted permission to cultivate within the state, and it has been cultivating for cannabinoid production since 2014, Polyniak said.

“We’re focused on growth,” she said. “We’re focused on creating the highest-quality product out there, looking at the science of the plant, advocating and educating consumers on not only product differentiation, but also … the science of the plant.” With new companies and products entering the hemp and CBD space every day, differentiation is key, Polyniak added. “There are a lot of companies here in this state but also across the U.S. that are mass-producing the same product for several different labels, white labeling for them, so a lot of the products that are on the shelf may be produced by that same manufacturer,” she said. “You have to be able to produce something that’s different, something that’s going to get the consumer’s attention, something that’s going to be beneficial for them so that they’ll continue investing their money. Because there are so many products on the market, if they don’t feel like they’re getting the quality that they deserve, they’re going to move on to somebody else pretty quickly."

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