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Bottling CBD hemp is one of the primary directions the consumer market is trending. HempAmericana Inc. is on the right track, but not as a public company. With a market capitalization exceeding $35 million and 2.6 billion shares outstanding, the stock is an investment trap. Don't buy this stock only focus on the message.

HempAmericana, Inc. (HMPQ - $.0149 announced that it has commenced bottling 500mg and 1000mg full spectrum CBD distillate in the Company’s Augusta, Maine laboratory. The inaugural production will be to produce 2000 bottles per day with a gradual increase to 8000 bottles per day to fill demand. The CBD distillate will be distributed under HMPQ’s proprietary brand, “Weed Got Oil”. CEO Salvador Rosillo states: “After so many struggles, we have been able to prevail and we are now officially in production of this incredible product. I am extremely grateful to the HMPQ team and to all of the shareholders that have stayed the course with us during the travails we had to surmount to get here. We can now see the light and are grateful for your patience and support. We are a real company, bootstrapping operations and our laboratory features extraction equipment including a supercritical C2 extraction machine. We look forward to providing you with several updates over the coming weeks.”

About HempAmericana, Inc. HempAmericana is currently in the rolling paper and CBD oil business using the brand name Weed Got Oil. Search Rolling Thunders hemp papers on YouTube for a product demonstration of the Company's papers. The company owns an extraction machine and now plans to become a leader in the CBD oil market by establishing three laboratories for the extraction and research of the oils contained in the hemp plant. HempAmericana also researches, develops and sells products made of industrial hemp. See more at

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