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Edsel of soft drinks- Vanilla Orange Coca-Cola

We generally don’t feature an article other than “cannabis” or “hemp” related, except to correlation a facet of our business model. The Vanilla Orange Coke product development and launch is the kind of analytic exercise we commonly conduct with our SP+GTM algorithm. Indeed, our marketing research tools have saved us from making foolish mistakes and wasting valuable resources. Our findings have been on point from regulations, industry trends and to even investment opportunities. In all categories, our analytics and algorithms have been true to form.

As for Vanilla Orange Coca-Cola – our analytics suggests that a mere 16 percent of Coke drinkers showed a preference for flavored versions of the classic soft drink. Back in 1985 the company “tweaked” it Coca-Cola formula and almost destroyed the franchise. This time around “expanding the brand as a complimentary beverage” is not going to work. Our SP+GTM algorithm predicts a mere 23 percent acceptance with a cost-benefit factor of 19 percent once the multi-million dollar advertising budget contracts. Negative numbers will guarantee failure.

Ford used the same logic with the 1958 Edsel as the new premiere car for middle-class America. Ford was so confident in the product that it pumped $250 million into it. But instead of starting a revolution, the company lost $350 million. Expanding the brand without offering originality never works.

Apparently, Vanilla Orange Coca-Cola attempts to taste like the original Creamsicle®. Not the case, not even close! Coke's “natural” orange flavor appears artificial with a biting metallic taste that conflicts with the carbonation. As for the vanilla - the beans may have harvested from the backseat of the Edsel.

Parallel analytics confirms a similar fate for Vanilla Orange Coca-Cola that Ford experienced. So why, repeat an apparent failure? We trace it back to false knowledge, an area we have committed substantial resources to as a means to under the actual dynamics of the cannabis and hemp industries. Since federal mandates have deemed, these commodities are illegal or questionable to possess or distribute, our emphasis is to illuminate as best as possible the pitfalls, ignorance, and prejudices to determine the true nature of what facts are real.

Whether its cannabis, cars or soft drinks consumer marketing dynamics are the same - Exceeding your customer's expectations is to know those expectations.

The marketing executives at Coke failed to apply accurate historical data with the true nature of the facts. The result - Vanilla Orange Cola is Edsel of soft drink.

We believe the bugs have it!

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