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NO NEW PICK except to add 2x to UXIN - see note 1.


02.04.19 COTY @ $7.54 now $11.25 SP+GTM=89 from SP+GTM=89 02.11.19 MLND @ $10.60 now $14.27 SP+GTM=90 from SP+GTM=89 02.25.19 GE @ $10.99 now $10.00 SP+GTM=81 from SP+GTM=80 03.03.19 UXIN @ $4.65 now $3.41 SP+GTM=69 from SP+GTM=60 (1) 03.19.19 NVRO @ $44.47 now $62.65 SP+GTM=93 from SP+GTM=91


(1) Nine 9 adjustment to rating suggests consolidation. Increase position by a factor of two at market -- last price $3.39. By "dollar-averaging" the average price is $3.81. ADJUSTED Subjective Probability Game Theory Model sequence for UXIN to SP+GTM=75. Retain position with further commit at $3.25 to suggest =70 to =75 is technical support range. With no change in fundamentals, reward/risk ratio in line for dollar averaging. DayTraderAlgorithm is an information platform for short term traders and investor. Take advance of unrestricted access to our proprietary Subjective Probability+ Game Theory Model (SP+GTM) algorithm without cost to our clients. SP+GTM is a multilevel set of rules secured by evolving data to evaluate trading or investment opportunities within specific moments in time. The statistical analysis function within database establishes a probability number value based on the likelihood that an event or circumstance will happen within the timeframe anticipated. The threshold of accuracy concluded from historical norms requires a score of 85 percent for a short-term stock trader to break even on the trade. Therefore, a score of SP+GTM=84 means the participator will probably lose money on the trade.

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