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Welcome to Northgate & Sullivan Company – PLAYBOOK

On February 1, 2019, we launched DayTraderAlgorithm to allow our network to obtain without cost a reliable analytic tool to evaluate stock investments. Over the past year, we have experimented with the technology to determine investment opportunities for cannabis-related stocks.

Nothing new here: It is estimated that 75 percent of U.S. equities were accounted for by Automated Trading. Algorithmic trading accounts for a third of the total volume and almost half of the volume in the derivatives segment.

What’s new is the approach SP+GTM applies as a probability factor to gauge performance: Since 2004 we applied the Subjective Probability+ Game Theory Model (SP+GTM) algorithm to evaluate any situation, event or circumstance that impacts the human experience, and predicts the likely answers to questions relating directly to the cannabis industry. A review of our news pages has systemically demonstrated its uncanny ability to correctly forecast the future.

What is Northgate & Sullivan Company – PLAYBOOK?

Northgate & Sullivan Company is our Investment Banking Division that provides advisory and capital markets services to joint venture partners exclusive for the Cannabis markets. We leverage our industry-specific expertise and regional market insight to serve the evolving needs of our participants. Our deep sector knowledge of Cannabis commerce allows us to provide unique market insight into a full range of business alternatives and strategic opportunities. A significant part of this knowledge is derived from our analytical models, which Subjective Probability+ Game Theory Model (SP+GTM) is the most relevant.

DayTraderAlgorithm is the PLAYBOOK, an information platform for short term traders driven by a single proprietary algorithm. SP+GTM is a multilevel set of rules secured by evolving data to evaluate trading or investment opportunities within specific moments in time. The statistical analysis function within the database establishes a probability number value based on the likelihood that an event or circumstance will happen within the timeframe anticipated. The threshold of accuracy concluded from historical norms requires a score of 85 percent for a short-term stock trader to break even on the trade. Therefore, a score of SP+GTM=84 means the participator will probably lose money on the trade.

In the course of planning the future public launch date of the PLAYBOOK, we commenced the analysis of 200 publicly traded companies that were directly involved with the cannabis industry, and searched for one stock that possessed a rating of at least SP+GTM=90 – which means the candidate had a 90% probability of increasing in value over the short term. For over a year the best performing stocks reached a meager likelihood of success of SP+GTM=79. Since our historical threshold was SP+GTM =85 for an investment to breakeven, not one public stock had the potential to be a “guaranteed success 90% of the time.”

However, on July 28, 2018, the PLAYBOOK had a bonified candidate – TILRAY INC. Symbol TLRY.

On July 28, 2018, we posted on our MEDIA category page – Cannabis in the News:

Tilray Inc. (TLRY) made a big splash on the Nasdaq Stock Market. With its IPO debut at $17 per share on Thursday, the stock had a major move and closed at $22.39. Today the action is still on – sale at $125.00. The price may not be realistic, but it has the momentum and the panch of a major cannabis play. After raising over $160 million, TLRY’s market cap is currently at $2.1 billion. Whether TLRY can grow into its market cap is another story.”

BUY at $22.39 and sell at $125.00 was the conclusion based on an SP+GTM=94.

On August 27, 2018 we posted:

note: 2:55 pm 09.11.2018 - TLRY $94.97 +$10.58.

"TILRY INC (TLRY) is trading at $52.94 + $9.08 after reporting the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation selected TLRY as a supplier of adult-use cannabis. The purchase order allows TILY to supply the province with a diverse array of cannabis products in anticipation of the launch of the adult-use market on October 17, 2018.

"We reported on July 20, 2018, as a “GOOD IDEA” (TLRY) at $22.39 the closing price after the IPO debut at $17 per share.

"From our “Good IDEA” price of $22.30 to 52.94, TLRY gained $30.64, more than doubling its value. Following our pages may be a GOOD IDEA. As we said from the beginning – “Our deep sector knowledge of Cannabis commerce allows us to provide unique market insight on a full range of business alternatives and strategic opportunities."

On September 18, 2018, we posted:

"Target Est other than our SPM algorithm

$52.00 to $150.00. Take profit and sell when volume tracts three days in a row.

"Target Est with SPM algorithm

Shows +97, indicates the highest level record on our proprietary algorithm. CHANGE PRICE TARGET TO $300.00."

"The fact remains: Low-value dollars commitments in cannabis investments by founders and insiders are generating returns in the multi-million of dollar range. Are you ready to find the next TLRY or follow SP+GTM to $3000"

On September 19, 2018, we posted:

“We seldom move rapidly on a stock position less than six months in, but a 2000% move on the upside requires, NO DEMANDS, reconsideration.

"TILRY INC. (TLRY) $294.75.


At 3.25 PM of the 18th, SP+GTM algorithm had an index of +71 from +96, a decline of 25 points. Never has the model expressed such a drop, which signaled --- SELL AT THE MARKET.

Note: All the above announcements were also posted in redacted form on Twitter.


Discovering “great ideas” especially in short term stock investments is a difficult task. The likelihood of “finding” a stock to go from $22.39 to $294.75 in a few months is nearly impossible. The events were achieved with an algorithm -- And it's yours, our network followers, to use without cost. Naturally, whatever the method used to buy and sell stock has risks, and consulting your broker or agent is an important first step to ensure full disclosure before investing. This one success with TILRY doesn't mean it will happen again, and the tools were are offering should be used with diligence.

Welcome to Northgate & Sullivan Company – PLAYBOOK. Before the market opens on Monday an SP+GTM algorithm rating will be posted if it justifies the probability for success. Become a network follower and register today. or send us an e-mail at

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