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… to marijuana.

Based on Gallup, sixty-six percent of U.S. adults want marijuana to be legal. Best results since the legalization were tracked since 1969. Democrats, Millennials, and Independents want in, while Republicans and the other kind are less inclined with reading slightly above fifty percent. Surprisingly are people 55 and older, the group which was historically negative on the subject showed a fifty-nine percent like vote. Cross the board the dominant question was - Why allow untaxed criminals to control the marijuana market because of misguided beliefs? Federal regulated use offers all sides a real-deal option of personal choice, tax revenue, and jobs.

The Republican noise about crime rates, traffic safety, youth-use patterns, impact on the workplace are just that NOISE. Hundreds of millions of dollars of taxable cash flow are on the table, and a few progressive states are reaping the benefits. Why not the country as a whole just the money parade? Tax revenue in the legal state of California, Colorado, Washington, and Oregon have exceeded their income from the lowly, state-regulated weed. As for jobs, over 190,000 Americans are full-time workers with at least 500,000 new jobs available in the next four years.

Finally, one statistic that is making the red states cringe --- Recent studies show that marijuana access lowers the rate of opioid abuse. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it while federal legislators are throwing millions on the opiate epidemic with limited success. Wake up and smiles the flowers - cannabis buds that is!

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