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By our readers following us, they saved millions of dollars taking advice from GREENMARK 101 algorithm. It's “best guess” conclusions that investors have two options -- do nothing or hold to their investment position since a V-shaped recovery in stock prices was likely or sell the portfolio and buy back later at depressed prices. Either way you were a winner. Before it was fashionable to predict a V-shaped stock recovery (we were the first) the coronavirus had the public in fits. As for selling them and buying stocks later at a 65% discount that worked too.

GREENMARK 101 was right on both counts because of how the country is structured. You do not have to look any further than the 2008 financial crisis.

You remember the “game plan”?

Banks got bailed out while ordinary people lost their homes.

Now, we are at our kneecaps in cow-twinkies with the pandemic and exploding unemployment. Meanwhile, the government is once again protecting the wealthy. Everyone else is left to fend for themselves. Indeed, 79% of federal relief money went to the rich while the rest of us suffered. When you consider what the Federal Reserve did with its fiscal policy directives, the number is closer to 94%.

You imagine that!

The rich get almost all of the “free money,” and the ordinary citizen received a mere six cents. Is that the American way?

People have been asked to stay homes and sacrifice but were not given enough financial support to do so.

Media stories are full of our sacrifice but nothing else. Apparently, if we are all in dire straits it’s okay?

Rising inequality is a huge shock to our society and political system. Ordinary citizens are losing, and the federal government is not responsive. Just like 2008, Wall Street was bailout while the general public watched from the sidelines to suffer most and given a token $1,200 check as a bribe to go away.

The pandemic of 2020 is following the same old script and is how GREENMARK 101 was able to isolate the truth and determine a course of action. It is not good at creating policy or influencing the federal government, but able to determine historical trends to predict repeating tendencies of human nature and survival realities.

By following the all mighty dollar, the real truth is not far behind.

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