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COVID-19 shutdowns, bailouts, and bankruptcies are causing significant financial stress with limited alternatives. Amidst the pandemic, assets values continue to decline while Washington and the Federal Reserve doing everything in their power to “protect financial markets” and the general economy. Hopefully, their efforts will succeed, but a “new normal” is on the horizon. One which warrants the safety of personal wealth. We encourage our readers to look beyond conventional safeguards to protect asset formation and to consider SABR coins.

SABR coins may provide a unique hedge against market volatility by leveraging the “fear factor” with short and long term implications of COVID-19, while maintaining the security of blockchain. With rapid growth and adoption of blockchain/SABR technologies in the financial sector deployed by JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, and many of the world’s largest central banks, SABR coins prove the new standard for safety and confidentiality.

SABR coins in the possession of the holder grows by a term called “cleavage” which allows the individual coin to accumulate along with the collective market value, while being fully accessible, secure, and anonymous. Called a “SABR wallet” consisting of least 10 coins, the holder has instant access to the underlying funds to liquidate for any purpose or to accelerate with the convertness of a private banker.

Learn how to deploy and accelerate SABR coins.

· You and only you control the Sabre wallet.

· Unlike Bitcoin and similar devices, SABR coin eliminates third party expenses.

· SABR coins are instantly transferable to any device or peer to peer assignments.

· Vault-Like Privacy of Personal and Transactional Data

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