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All the noise doesn’t change results or excuses.

Wall Street pickers and the other kind are best to keep their losing ways to themselves. The average investor is finally getting wise to their ineptitudes.

Let’s face it!

We possess the best stock picking algorithm on the planet.

If you don’t think so, step forward with your documentation and G-101 numbers will supply the truth. Not only will you be embarrassed, but your fiduciary responsibilities would be questioned – Why such a poor performance?

Many answers to that question.

But a proper follow up story for another day.

The G-101 algorithm to uncover probable insider trading activities, whether long or short, currently used by CommerceByUs, Inc. under its CrystalBallTraders menu applied 150 beta stock trading suggestions as to their short term price movement (92 up and 58 down) had an average success rate of 86.8%. G-101 applies a subjective probability “best guess” model to generate élite information by abstract means. Strands of data are assembled into “tags” to isolate trading patterns and unravel the intent of investors.

The best performer in the group was AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc. (AMC)

26.52+6.96 (+35.58%)

At close: May 27 4:00PM EDT

29.30 +2.78 (10.48%) Pre-Market: 08:34AM EDT

May 27, 2021






May 24, 2021






On March 24, 2021, at 7:15 am EST, AMC traded – premarket at $12.29 and opened at $12.38 – with a G-101 tag at +SP 89.99, which indicates the likelihood of an 89.99% success rate that the stock would materially advance in the short term. It is noted that a rating above +/- 88 is rare.

From $12.3 on March 24th to $31.52 by March 29, 2021, at 9.39 am EST.

WOW! That’s only 5 days for a $12.38 stock to go up 19.14 points.

PUT THAT IN YOUR HAT, MR. WALL STREET, or whatever they call you.

As for the Professionals who shorted AMC, a $500 million loss is only the beginning.

G-101 tag for AMC still remains above +SP 89, even after the stock jumped 19.14 points. If that number holds, which based on the algorithm it will, short side losses may exceed $1 billion.

Mr. Wall Street, can you afford a $35 stock to hit $70 when you shorted your reputation on it?

G—101 projects that $70 per shares may not be enough.

Learn the truth at

Are you ready to get smart!

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