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and it comes in two factors: Negative and Positive.

In the stock market, only one factor wins: Positive Performance.


Our data shows consistency and therefore measurable. Simply stated: If our data is reliable going in, the conclusions are predictable. Thus, G-101 data is the process that takes you from confusion to understanding in a manner that’s transformative. You can rent these subsets, which are a collection of 171 data sources, which can be manipulated by the client to ask any question relating to a specific investment.

Why should I rent third-party data from you when it may be available elsewhere at a lower price point?

Our data is tailor designed to provide indisputable evidence, while anecdotal evidence, assumptions, or abstract observation might lead to wasteful decisions based on incorrect conclusions. Data=Knowledge.

How do I know the data is reliable?

Historical evidence measures performance.

G-101 Algorithm scored the highest value rating over the top one hundred firms who executed investments for clients for calendar 2022 to August 31.

On July 8, 2022, we published Report G-101 – Success is Dependent on Effort, which declared a 675% return on capital on ninety-four subjective probability conclusions from January 3, 2022, to June 30, 2022, and offered the following commentary:

With the S&P 500 index at 3785 on June 30, 2022, close, G-101 projects further weakness for a test at 3950 by late August. Once the August low is in place, use it to accumulate +SP values above 87.6 for a move to 4100 before liquidation. Continue to hold CF Industries Holding (CF), the highest rated +SP 90.01 on January 3, 2022 ($71.13) with a +SP rating of 89.25 ($85.40 06.30.22) for test to $120 by year-end or liquidate on reading below +SP 82.00. As for other listed SP candidates, use your Day Trade Algorithm scorecard.


Use source data to build your own version of our Subjective Probability algorithm (“SPA”) a.k.a. G-101. Conceived by Northridge Corporation more than 25 years ago, the proprietary SPA data selection from the content portfolio can be modified in real-time to simulate a “best guess” scenario with your software.

HOW IT WORKS: Through data accommodation, G-101 generates information that is initially conceived as unreliable, false, unorthodox, or misplaced (identified as “novel data”) only to be unified by cognitive dissonance to mitigate the conflicting data by either updating G-101's interpretation of the model to disqualify of the variable or assimilation as factual. Thus, the new model within the G-101 matrix perceives the added information as useable or as a discarded sequence for further interpretation. When the model is updated, the novel information is no longer an anomaly but a new chain of data. These reconstituted data streams become part of the “information package” you’ll receive with our 171 subsets.

You are invited to take advantage of a unique offer.

For the first time, the G-101 Algorithm’s database of 171 subsets* will be available for $25,000 per month with a caveat that if the data as made available to the client does not provide an 85% subjective probability success rate the data is free and the monthly fee is canceled with a full refund.

*Database management tools are required to be supplied by the client to optimize and retrieve data from our main database. Please indicate your database management software to ensure capability.

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