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LEGAL POT US IN USA 2018 to 2023 ... a drop in the bucket versus illegals.

Marijuana Business Daily recently published its 7th annual Marijuana Business Factbook, which details sale projections for the legal cannabis industry in the U.S. between 2018 and 2023.

The report breaks down revenue projections into ranges; here is how sales are expected to progress over the next five years:

2018: $ 8.6 billion to $10.5 billion 2019: $11.2 billion to $13.7 billion 2020: $15.7 billion to $19.1 billion 2021: $19.4 billion to $23.5 billion 2022: $22.4 billion to $27.4 billion 2023: $25.1 billion to $30.4 billion

When broken down even further, these numbers project that the majority of growth will come from the recreational market. Recreational marijuana revenue is projected to triple over the next five years.

Despite this incredible growth rate, the Factbook notes the enormous black market which continues to operate behind the scenes. Taking the projected conclusions further, our SP+GTM algorithm indicated the black market accounts for $70 billion in annual sales with profit margin 1200 plus times what the legal industry offers.

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