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NEW PICK Nervo Corporation (NVRO) $44.77

Nervo Corporation (NVRO) $44.77 ---- With a SP+GTM rating of =91, NVRO has trended up with breakout today to ensure positive results. Look for move into the $90 range in the midterm. NVRO is a a medical device company, provides products for the patients suffering from chronic pain in the United States and internationally. The company develops and commercializes the Senza spinal cord stimulation system, an evidence-based neuromodulation platform for the treatment of chronic pain. Its solution for chronic pain also includes HF10 Therapy, which delivers neuromodulation solutions for treating chronic pain based on available clinical evidence. The company sells its products through its direct sales force, and a network of sales agents and independent distributors. Nevro Corp. was founded in 2006 and is headquartered in Redwood City, California.

02.04.19 COTY @ $07.54 now $11.20

02.11.19 MLND @ $10.60 now $13.49

02.25.19 GE @ $10.99 now $10.25

03.03.19 UXIN @ $4.65 now $3.61

ADJUSTED Subjective Probability Game Theory Model sequence for UXIN to SP+GTM=75. Retain position with further commit at $3.25 to suggest =70 to =75 is technical support range. With no change in fundamentals, reward/risk ratio in line for dollar averaging.

DayTraderAlgorithm is an information platform for short term traders and investor. Take advance of unrestricted access to our proprietary Subjective Probability+ Game Theory Model (SP+GTM) algorithm without cost to our clients.

SP+GTM is a multilevel set of rules secured by evolving data to evaluate trading or investment opportunities within specific moments in time. The statistical analysis function within database establishes a probability number value based on the likelihood that an event or circumstance will happen within the timeframe anticipated. The threshold of accuracy concluded from historical norms requires a score of 85 percent for a short-term stock trader to break even on the trade. Therefore, a score of SP+GTM=84 means the participator will probably lose money on the trade.

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