ANNOUNCEMENT - Asset Acquisition, Canadian Holding Company, and Cannabis Licensing

The Company formally announced the completion of an agreement entered into on January 31, 2019, to purchase all the cannabis-related assets from First Jersey Cannabis Corporation (“FJC”) in exchange of 500,000 shares of FJC stock. Based on the proposed stock Regulation A offering of FCI, the transaction has an implied value of $1,125,000. A spokesperson for the Company said that the cannabis assets are to be the foundation of a to be formed Canadian corporation of the same name. “Together with these assets, and the acquisition of property in Prescott, Canada, we plan to obtain a license to cultivate cannabis, establish a test kitchen for product development and retail branding.” Also, the Flashlight Bankers, Inc. (Canada) will file for recreational use licenses in Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York when available.