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As part of the four installment series on four significant Canada focused public cannabis companies are to report earnings and issue other reports, especially post-legalization commentaries --- Aurora Cannabis Inc., Tilray Inc Cronos Group Inc., and Canopy Growth Corp. --- AURORA reported earning this morning.

AURORA Cannabis Corporation --- ACB per-market $7.55 +.26

Reports Q1 (September 2018) reports pro forma revenues rose 331.3% year/year to CC$35.8 mln vs the CC$39.52 mln single analyst estimate. ACB reports Q1 earnings of +31% YoY to CAD 104.2 mln

ACB announced a rapidly accelerating production out of its newly licensed facilities, starting with Aurora Sky, which is expected to ramp to full 100,000 kg per annum capacity over the coming months. The Company anticipates reaching a production run rate of approximately 150,000.

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