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With the voters in Michigan saying “yes” to Proposal 1, cannabis legalization for recreational use is officially effective November 16, 2018; the date the Secretary of State certifies the new law.

Recreational marijuana for 21 and older can possess and use 2.5 ounces of marijuana and store 10 ounces for future consumption. Even though person-to-person sales are not sanctioned, recreational users are allowed to offer cannabis as a gift, like in Washington D.C. Creative distribution trends in D.C. between home growers and recreational users will be effectively utilized in Michigan. Beyond black market sales or gifts from green-thumbed friends, Michigan’s recreational cannabis consumers can grow their weed and wait only a year for the state to create and issue licenses. Whether you grow it yourself or buying in a store, the fact is --- cannabis is legal in Michigan.

Under Proposal 1, the state has one year to establish a system to regulate and license cannabis production and sales. The state has until November 1, 2019, to execute a viable licensing program, and if not, local municipalities have the authority to license marijuana sales and consumption themselves. Be as it may, recreational marijuana is established law on November 1, 2019.

For now, the Michigan Regulation and Taxation of Marijuana Act allows 12 marijuana plants per household to be to cultivate at home providing the grower owns the property or receive permission from the landlord. Each plant can produce a pound of useful leaf and flower. The guidelines for growing are not cumbersome. The simple rules -- no marijuana plant visibility from street level, or with binoculars, and must be kept in a secured area. In essence, the grower is free to harvest without significant restrictions.

House party time Michigan style is about to happen.

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