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Bhang brew made from cannabis plants was an ancient drink dating back to 1000 BC. Freshly ground cannabis with water is called bhang goli. Sweetened bhang goli is not considered a drug, but a traditional sleeping aid and appetizer. The brew has metabolizing effects after approximately two hours, sending a user into a dreamlike meditational state.

It was rumored that the drink “came from the gods on flying leaves.” Whether the whispers are true doesn’t matter – unless you believe in ancient aliens? The fact remains that Bhang brew was widely consumed in many parts of rural India. The inhabitants were considered the “elite of the known world” and possessed skills others in Asia Minor did not have. They praised the medical properties of the cannabis plant; curing fever, dysentery, sunstroke, to clear phlegm, aided the digestive, appetite, and give alertness to the body.

Preparation of powdered cannabis buds with curd and whey, and hand blending, the tasty and refreshing brew remains a favorite drink. Legally consumed in many parts of India and sold during Holi, a Hindu spring festival, Bhang brew is also a religious accruement. Uttar Pradesh, the most populous state in the Republic of India, has licensed bhang shops, where one can buy bhang products and drink bhang lassis. Heavily consumed in Mathur, an ancient town of religious importance to the Hindus. Here the practice is believed to have been introduced by the followers of Krishna. 1/ Legend claimed when Lord Krishna appeared on earth five thousand years ago; He came in his original form (blue) as a spiritual spark holding a marijuana leaf by its stem. It is believed that each living entity has come from Lord Krishna.

Due to the human desire to enjoy the material world, they separated from Lord Krishna and lost that "spiritual spark." This state of being is an alien atmosphere since humans were meant to live in an eternal, blissful state, not in a place where everything and everybody is temporary and full of misery. It is said, that each of us is meant to have a body qualitatively the same as Lord Krishna's and to live in a spiritual atmosphere, where our mood of service to Lord Krishna represents the experience of our natural, and mystical virtues. Instead, we remain earthbound, looking for cheap thrills and time-wasting distractions. Encased in a body made of blood and brain, horrible events to occur, and where everything is always getting older and dying, and hopes for happiness are destroyed by the temporary nature of the things we aspire to enjoy. It is believed that Bhang brew allows us to escape our worldly plight temporarily and enable us to experience our lost spiritual spark. As if the subconscious mind is direct our bodies for fulfillment, people world over use marijuana as a religious experience to embrace their spiritual soul.

Use the four pictures as a guide to creating your own Bhang brew. It’s easy – the formula is simple. Cannabis flowers or buds, water and a bit of sugar then grind into a paste smoothie. Experience your spiritual spark. Ask for free Fold BB 091 FJCC - Bhang Brew Properly Made.

1/ You can obtain an overview of Krishna’s life under Krishna Leela. He is a central character in the Mahabharata, the Bhagavata Purana, and the Bhagavad Gita, and is mentioned in many Hindu philosophical, theological and mythological texts.

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