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On July 20, 2018 we reported on Tilray Inc. (TLRY) and its “big splash” on the Nasdaq Stock Market. “With its IPO debut at $17 per share on Thursday, the stock had a major move and closed at $22.39.” Today, TLRY is trading at $39.22 up $16.83 from July 20th close.

Picture is growing room at TLRY

“The question now is whether the stock moves higher as Canada moves this fall from a medical-marijuana-only market to one that sells adult-use marijuana. Can Tilray successfully navigate this transition from fully medical to recreational?

In states where a medical cannabis market existed prior to an adult-use market, sales of medical marijuana typically fell once adult use was legalized. Tilray's focus up to now has been on the medical side, with 95% of its sales in this category because those sales were all that were legal in Canada.” Courtesy THE STREET – Real Money

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