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to file applications in New Jersey for medical marijuana licenses.

The Department of Health will have final decision in selecting six new operators of medical marijuana dispensaries, which also includes approval from the town to operate in. A complicated point system is used to judge worthiness. Successful applications will be announced on November 1, 2018. 1/

Last month, Governor Phil Murphy said he wants to expand the medical marijuana program and double the number of dispensaries to 12. Murphy has been an advocate for expanding the program and pushing for the legalization of marijuana for non-medical use. At present, six dispensaries exist in the state, called Alternative Treatment Centers (ATCs). Currently, 1,100 caregivers serve more than 32,000 patients; 700 physicians participating in the state’s medical marijuana program.

1/ If you need complete details and procedures to file marijuana-related applications within the state of New Jersey, including forms and administrative advice, contact us. Assistance and forms are free. All inquiries are kept confidential.

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