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the other fabulous extravaganza in Alaska.

The 2018 Alaska Cannabis Cup offered the perfect weekend for the sponsors and guests. These weekend festivities were the musical extension of the state’s Cannabis Classic held in Anchorage on May 19, 2018, with its awards, a bake-off, and public consumption of marijuana. 1/

Alaska Cannabis Cup spilled over with extreme delight. DJ Ike started off the concert with a remarkable performance that had the spectators engaged in the music and the smoke. Second, on stage was Cemoni billed as The Goddess blew their minds, nominated last year as the Best Female Rapper. Alaska native, Tayy Tarantino, a nominee for the Best Rapper 2017 continued the momentum. The final and primo act on Saturday was hip-hop artist OGs Method Man & Redman. Their performance was so dynamic; the audience refuses to let them off the stage.

Sunday was equally magical with an encore by DJIke, awards and Iration closing out the weekend with their rock ‘n’ reggae.

From these two events, you don’t have to be a mastermind to understand that marijuana has a bright and lasting future. From the perspective of investing, the cannabis products are one of the fastest growing industries in America. It's growing like a weed --- a very profitable weed. The emerging marijuana industry is a high growth sector and investors are on the hunt to cash in. Legal marijuana, as declared by many states, is a significant catalyst for marijuana stocks to head higher in 2018 and beyond. But there’s still room for education, for the individual to understand the actual value of marijuana, not as the magic fruit with immeasurable value, but a commodity that has potential and long-term stability for its true development.

That's why Flashlight Fusion Club is our educational priority to embrace local marijuana enthusiast by the mutual benefits of association. As a member, you qualified to attend without cost, concerts, conferences, shows, and parties. Become an active or passive participator in our advocacy groups to support legalized marijuana on a federal level.

1/ Two awards were given to House of Green for Best Hybrid with AK Cookies and Highest THC with Platinum Cookies. Mercy Tree won Best Salvia for Mercy Fruit Haze, and Turnagain Herb Company won Highest CBD with CBD Critical Mass. Best Overall: Strain of the Year – first place for Purple Apricot by Evan Levinton with Enlighten Alaska; second place - Purple Punch by Frost Frontier and third place – AK Cookies by House of Green. Awards were given for Cannabis Store of the Year – Overall: Pakalolo Supply Company at Fairbanks; Interior Alaska: Pakalolo Supply Company in Fairbanks; Anchorage Metro: Great Northern Cannabis in Anchorage; Kenai Peninsula: High Bush Buds in Soldotna; and Southeast: Rainforest Cannabis in Ketchikan.

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