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can be based on what the states are going to ensure that the cannabis industry becomes a trustworthy citizen and viable long-term economic engine. As states’ markets mature the emerging industry will quickly transition to traditional business challenges such as operational efficiency, quality assurance, regulatory compliance and market penetration. During this incubation period, the states’ governments are directing traffic to keep the business legal and establish safeguards to warrant its existence. A significate issue to their efforts is the federal government. The problem - cannabis is illegal, regulated under the Controlled Substances Act, and applies against persons who possess, cultivate, or distribute large quantities of cannabis.

Analyzing the trends and legal posturing on the state level, a subjective probability pattern has emerged that calculate the direction of industrious enforcement as the cannabis industry matures. Case in point is the efforts of Oregon, a recreationally approved state.

As sanctioned by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) a new regulation for the state’s licensed cannabis growers shows the trend to be followed by other states. The regulations aim to give the state more control and oversight over cannabis harvests. The reasoning is to push out illicit operators. The idea is to monitor and regulated the market to make difficult for black market producers to survive. Indeed, the illicit cannabis market exists alongside the legal, regulated one. Evidence shows that legal cultivators are diverting their surplus crops to the black market. OLCC wants growers to give them their anticipated harvest dates, as well as inform them when they’re actually going to harvest. By gaining a better sense of the amount of cannabis legal growers produce, it allows regulators to deduce the black-market supply chain.

Bottom line to the new rule is what the OLCC stated. “It’s important to make sure that federal enforcement actions don’t pay an unwelcome visit to the state’s cannabis program.

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